June 24, 2008

Tuesday's Time Waster - Jukebox Update

Over at Ladies, Gentlemen, and Undecided, the Gentleman (who is actually female) has upgraded the Jukebox! A couple of you (out of my now growing readership!) checked it out last week and were wondering if it was always going to play the same song first. Well, YES of course it would, that's a function of programing for any type of widget or auditory media that starts playing when you enter a site. However, the Gentleman informed me that any new songs added to the play list, would play first, so hopefully it would be occasionally different when you visit on other days. Of course, with the upgrade, the Gentleman's blog partner, the Lady (who is actually male) wants in on the song picking. So beware. The choices could get real interesting.

Anyway, a quick run down on changing the order of songs. When you first launch the site you'll see the jukebox on the upper right hand side of the page. There are four main buttons. The first one is kind of dark until you click on it. That's the shuffle button and it basically randomizes the order in which the songs play. If you want to skip the first song, you can click on the fourth button which forwards to the next song. If you click the shuffle button and then the fourth button you'll get something other than the second song on the list. Warning, if the last song on the list plays, you will have to manually restart the jukebox. As always, TheWeryd1 finds the bug! Have fun playing DJ!


yenbar said...

I do like the update to the Jukebox. Showing the playlist on it was also a big help..and you are right ..the choices are to say the least..interesting.
It would appear they read your blog last week and took note of our comments..nice work WEYRD!
Now if you would change your settings on this blog so I don't have to enter my USERNAME and PASSWORD everytime I want to leave a comment(which is pretty much every time you post except for the wine posts)..don't force me to think so much!Your blog is the only one that I can think of that has me do this.

TheWeyrd1 said...

Yen...so sorry, but the settings are this way so I don't get spammers and so you guys don't get spammers backtracking into your blogs or gmail accounts. Also if you were already logged on to blogger or your gmail account, you'd only have to put in the word verification. I often am logged on here and then don't have to resubmit my name and password on other blogger sites.

yenbar said...

LOL..ok. I take that last part back..everyone seems to be asking for the USERNAME and PASSWORD now..wtf!

The Gentleman said...

thanks theweryd1 for taking our humble blog in consideration :)and for the "bug busting" . Actually it seems that the new songs added to the playlist will be showed always at the end of it... but i'm trying to figure it out a way around it... btw there's no way I'm letting Lady near MY playlist...:P

TheWeyrd1 said...

Yen...we bloggers can choose different levels of security. I choose to have the word verification. I do know if you're logged into your account and don't close your browser window, you shouldn't have to keep entering your name and password.

Gentleman...thanks for the update!

Jdancer8 said...

i have the most random playlist ever on my myspace page...very all over the place...much like myself...however there is a button that I can check to randomize the songs when you visit my page (o: