March 17, 2008

Being Sick...Sucks or A BAD Experience Redux

Okay, usually I'm more loquacious. However, I've been sick as you might remember from a week or so ago (alright almost 2 weeks ago). I've been popping Advils and vitamin C, sleeping more, and attempting to keep up on writing evaluation reports for work and doing client paperwork. The cough is winning, but the headache isn't as bad as last week. Of course, staying home more than I already do means I'm watching the news. You want to know what I learned on the news today? Too bad, I'm gonna tell you anyway. Multiple vitamins cause cancer. Yep, being sick really sucks. I should have know this though, since during my childhood my mother used to tell me that LIFE gives you cancer (I wonder if she remembered this mantra of hers when my dad was diagnosed with cancer, because I did).

Anyway, I've been too pooped to party for the bulk of the last 2 weeks. Except a week ago Friday when I thought I was all better, so I went out for a BAD Experience Redux. It was the 5th anniversary of the monthly party that I promised to skip for a few months. That is, until I found out they were going to have special extras. Woohoo! Well, the special extras included an extra room provided for socializing, opportunities to have your picture taken with your significant other (or grab a hottie
walking by) for $10.00 and get a henna tattoo (price dependent on design). Oh yeah, and they brought in some dancers. No, not crowd filler types that know how to move. No, not the kind that take off all their clothes. No, these were special burlesque dancers called The Ooh La La Girls! In my humble, and somewhat dazed from sickness, opinion they weren't all that ooh la la. But they were kind of interesting, especially the cute one that walked around on stilts and came up behind me to plant her breasts on my head. I was a tad shocked to say the least.

By the way, I didn't get a nap in before the party, so I bought some coffee to drink on the way. Then it was too hot to drink. So then, I had a rum and lots of coke (thanks to the cute blond boy bartender...Ian). The music was much improved and for some reason (perhaps the extra space) the women seemed nicer and cuter this month. Also, there was a special BAD video running all night with shadow box dancers in various states of undress...nice. Overall, it was slightly more entertaining than last time. What I'd really like is, that they would open the whole event center space to the party. The biggest challenge is how packed the main room gets by 10pm. It's dark, you can't move easily and you can't see the women. How much fun is that? I'm just sayin'. And that's all I'm sayin' for now. Feel free to send soup, cough remedies or a cute gal for TLC.


RED MOJO said...

oh, I'm sorry you're still sick. I emailed you today to find out why you haven't been over to my blogs for a while. I hope we aren't fighting, I hate it when I don't know if I'm fighting with someone. If we are fighting, I suspect you are winning. Does that make you feel any better?
What tattoo did you get?

yenbar said...

It's nice to have you back among the living!..I've missed your adventures being they political or boobs on head wise..(how about a picture of that!).

TheWeyrd1 said...

Red and Yen...boy you two are FAST! I did not get a tattoo or picture of boobs on my head...alas. Red, I've been reading your blogs...several days late though. Brain too foggy to comment. Hence, it took until today to post something on my own blog...cough cough cough. Ack.

kj said...

hello--nice to have you visit out my way. i think i had what you now have: it went from my head to my throat to my lungs to my stomach, and back again. fortunately i slept so much i missed some of the miserable discomfort. i hope sleep helps you too.

i worked for a movie theatre in provincetown for a short while and we instituted weekly 'ooh-la-la' films. this reminded me of that.


TheWeyrd1 said...

kj...thanks I think for the I'm hopeful that this bug will skip the lungs and stomach part of the trip. So far I'm pretty sure it's just a bad head cold.

Ooh la la!

Websketch said...

Try this for coughing:

8 oz hot water
1 tbsp white vinegar
2 tbsp honey

sounds gross, tastes ok, sip and it works amazing.

Feel better!

TheWeyrd1 said...

Thanks Web...feeling better already..but will use this the next time I'm sick...and have white vinegar on