July 21, 2008

Make My Monday - Mamma Mia Review

So I'm down here in Texas, hanging out with the nephews! I did visit with my mother for a few days and on Saturday afternoon we went to see Mamma Mia. It stars Meryl Streep as most of you know, as well as several other big names like Christine Baranski, Julie Walters, Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth, Stellan Skarsgard and Amanda Seyfried. "Amanda who?", you might be asking. Trust me when you see her, you'll think..."hmmm, I think I've seen that girl in something else". I was sure I saw her in some soap operas (yes, I watch those sometimes). Anyway, my mother and I caught the early afternoon matinee which is only $5.00 in her little town of Kerrville. Woohoo, stadium seating for five bucks!!! Popcorn and soda for $6.00. I'd move there, but then I'd have to drive 60 some odd miles to San Antonio just to get some culture. I think, for the time being, I'll stay in Denver.

Mamma Mia is the screen adaptation of the Broadway musical based on all the hits of ABBA (the Swedish Supergroup of the mid 70's and early 80's, for those of you hiding under a rock during that time period). I never realized how many hits they had. Wow...like 20 it seems ( that could be an exaggeration or an underestimation...I lost count during the movie). Anyway, my mother said it was good, but she would probably prefer the stage version. I think it was pretty good as well. I'm not a huge fan of musicals, but I do love live theatre more than the movies.

My movie ratings scale is the following:

Pay full price to see it on the big screen (Pay Full Price) which means it's totally worth the night time movie experience, especially with dinner and a date!

Pay matinee (Matinee) which means it's good and should be seen on the big screen.

Wait for the DVD rental (Rent DVD) which means it's good but not good enough for the big screen.

Wait for the discount rate movie theatre or premium cable viewing (Cable) which means it's okay.

If it's on regular TV or Basic Cable and you've got nothing better to do (Don't Bother) you might clean the garage instead.

I give Mamma Mia a rating of "Matinee". Glad we got the deal we got!!!


yenbar said...

WEYRD!..I am looking forward to this movie...I may just go see it on my day off.Love MERYL Streep..but I hear Pierce Brosnan was out of his league when it came to singing. I grew up loving ABBA (and I'm not afraid to admit it!)so this should be interesting to watch.Enjoy your stay in Texas and be sure to visit the DEN more often.

Jonah K. Haslap said...

I saw the show on Broadway with my mother...and she STILL didn't realize I was gay. I thought taking her to see Mamma Mia would take care of that.

The Gentleman said...

I saw the show when their where staging it in Toronto a few years ago and I loved it... also because I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm too an ABBA connossieur even if they where already kinda dated when I was born :P
Too bad that here in Italy they are gonna release it only in mid October, hopefully only with subtitles and not with awfull traslations like they did with Enchanted...
BTW Amanda Seyfried was one of the Plastics in Mean Girls :)

TheWeyrd1 said...

yen...I visit the DEN often, but no one is there. Sigh. Pierce wasn't that bad. Just not Broadway material...lol

Jonah...by now you should know that coming out requires more than sneaking out the door, it requires your own personal Broadway production that busts down the door!

Gentleman...I will send out vibes to the movie goddesses that you get subtitles (and since it's a musical I doubt it will be dubbed). I meant to see the Mean Girls, but somehow have only managed to catch the end bits on TV.

LostInCO said...

I love Abba. I saw the play at the DCPA, and that was wonderful, the best! I really liked the movie too, but for different reasons. When Pierce first started to sing I got a touch of the willies.

TheWeyrd1 said...

Lost...lucky you (not about the willies though)!

citizen of the world said...

I may see it, but likely on DVD. But I'm a little unnerved by the idea of Meryl Streep singing.

TheWeyrd1 said...

Citizen...actually Meryl Streep is a good singer (except on one song) and I've heard her sing in "A Prairie Home Companion" along with "her sister" played by Lily Tomlin. They were both very good actually. Also Meryl Streep has done a lot of shows on Broadway I've heard, including some musicals. That's one talented woman!

Jdancer8 said...

I have to disagree with your rating...Pay Full Price is worth it...with a great cast and of course the laughs, tears, and great "bee-bop along" score I loved this movie....I agree that the stage version could be more stimulating because I being a theatre rat LOVE the theatre...I think that the director did the show justice on the big screen.