September 8, 2008

Make My Monday - New TV Season & Bronco's Football

I have too many shows scheduled for my DVR. I'm gonna run out of room and have to delete some of my good lesbo movies. The first to go will be the ones I recorded off LOGO...too many commercials and all the good bits cut or blurred...heh. Of course I always delete the show episodes after I watch them. But with potentially two shows recording at the same time, the drive is filling up fast.

It's also MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL with the Bronco's versus the hated Raiders. I'm a wee bit into the Bronco's. That's all.

Oh, by the way, Tucker is feeling better and back to being frisky after spending the weekend feeling a bit under the weather. And the job is getting busier now...just figured you all would wanna know.


yenbar said...

Not a Bronco's fan but I did watch the one sided!
I was looking forward to the new season of Terminator:The Sarah Connor Chronicles but forgot all about watching it tonite..damn

The Gentleman said...

Can't you download your DVR content on your Pc and then make some DVX or DVD? That's what I do...

Love the NFL... I'm a Pats fan so you can imagine how shitty I feel about this season (No more Brady).

I'm happy for Lil' Tuck :D

TheWeyrd1 said... WAS one-sided wasn't it!!! Those poor Raiders. Just not what they used to be.

Gentleman...well I would if I knew how and had that special software that it supposedly takes...and a DVD burner in my laptop...sigh.

LostInCO said...

I am glad it is footbal season, but that game last night was boring. Glad to hear Tucker is feeling better.

TheWeyrd1 said...

Lost...last night's game was boring...and I only watched the second