October 7, 2008

Make My Monday - Postponed to Tuesday's Time Waster Slot Due To Continued Exhaustion

Tucker got all gussied up for graduation on Sunday. Isn't he looking handsome! Yeah...he's cute...and dang it, he knows it. So anyway, he had to sit, lay down, stay, wait, come from a wait, and "leave it" (which is exactly what it sounds like). He's a bit iffy on the leave it usually, but apparently he wasn't in the mood for the treat I used for the leave it item...heh. He's picky, just like me.

So here he is in his little graduation cap. He has a diploma too, but it didn't fit in the picture. Okay, I couldn't hold it and Tucker AND the cap...heh.

Tucker is pretty good at following commands...most of the time. Unless he knows he's doing something he shouldn't be doing, then he runs. Friday he got out of the bathroom by squeezing under the baby gate. Once he had a taste of freedom, he didn't let the baby gate being lowered an inch keep him penned in. Oh no...he CHEWED through it on Saturday. But we lesbian types have duct tape, so I fix it and sprayed the whole thing with that bitter stuff that's supposed to keep him from chewing on the wrong things. But he was determined, so today he chewed through the other side and greeted me at the door again. Of course, in the process of putting stuff down and rounding him up, I managed to leave my keys on the counter when I took him out for a walk. GREAT!!!

Fortunately I left my bedroom window open and all I needed was a friend with a big ladder. Well after a couple hours of waiting a round, my old office partner showed up and helped me break into my condo (he has this cool collapsing ladder). We had the neighbors worried until they saw it was me. Then they laughed. Thanks Tucker! We'll be signing up for more classes in December.


HopeSpringsATurtle said...

Thanks for the linky-love...it's always a pleasure to see you at my place.:::wink:::

The Gentleman said...

he's a smartass :P and now he's graduated too! You must be a proud mom... ehm I mean dog owner ;)

You breaking in you own apartement... priceless! Where's a YouTube vid when you need one!!! :)

yenbar said...

The fun has just begun with Tucker..lol..you must be saying a silent prayer every time you open your door now hoping the place is still in one piece.

Jdancer8 said...

awwwww how cute he is in his lil cap...how proud you must be (o:

TheWeyrd1 said...

Hope...I love to visit!

Gentleman...and I was dressed up for work!

Yen...I do kinda pray a bit...lol

J...I am proud. And relieved!

LostInColor said...

He is adorable! my goodness, too much cuteness I would spoil him rotten. :) so while he has not been confined to the bathroom, has he destroyed or done bad things???

citizen of the world said...

Very cute indeed. And it reminded me of the greyhound at my old house before we'd gotten the yard fenced in. My ex put her onth eleash and ied it to a tree so she could be outside while he worked in the yard. She just snapped through it with her teeth like it was spaghetti.

TheWeyrd1 said...

Lost...the first time he was out I don't think it was for very long because I couldn't find a thing that looked chewed upon. The second and third times, you'd think he'd have had enough from chewing through the lattice of the baby gate, but he also pulled a few binders out from my bookcase. Not far enough that they fell, but far enough that he could get a good chewing on the bindings... I'm just closing the bathroom door now instead of letting him watch TV. I don't think Animal Planet was that entertaining for him anyway...lol

Citizen...if only I had a fenced in back yard...sigh