November 10, 2008

Make My Monday - Tucker and I Survive Our First Days Apart

I spent Thursday through Saturday at the Beaver Creek Resort (no joke...really). Okay, it was mostly work, but I did get some brief moments to play. I ate some expensive resort food...high priced pizza by the slice on Thursday night. Friday evening brought a little charity casino night...I lost $35.00 playing mostly Texas Hold 'Em and a confusing game called Craps...yeah, I crapped out. I sat in one of 5 different hot tubs Saturday morning...more seminars and then I drove back down the mountain. I was exhausted and I think I had a touch of altitude sickness. Sunday I had a massage and kind of vegged out all day.

Meanwhile, Tucker spent three whole days in doggie bliss with his BFF, Rufus (a very tolerant Bichon Frise whose owners voted for McCain...but I forgive them). I'm telling you, Tucker was either depressed Sunday or complete worn out, because all he did was sleep. I hope he was just worn out. But to be sure, he's got a play date for tomorrow... More doggie WWF. Poor Rufus, Tucker gets ahold of his curly ear and just hangs on for the ride. Oh yeah, and Rufus has a HUGE backyard. Back and forth for hours...I'm sure Tucker was just worn out...really.

Anyway, we've survived the time apart and now we're back to routine again...very busy and boring...


The Gentleman said...

ohh... I'm sure lil' Tuck had a great time with is BFF :P
btw hope you feel better now from the altitude sickness :)

citizen of the world said...

Well, I hpoe you enjoyed the time away.

LostInColor said...

sounds like he was worn out! :)

Jdancer8 said...

I thought you were at a pysch convetion---seems like you were spa-ing it up and relaxin---course you deserve that :o)

As for Tuck---hes a big boy now---I'm sure he missed ya but enjoyed the change in sceneary for a wee bit

TheWeyrd1 said... was way more conference than spa. I had to skip a seminar to sit in the hot

Lost...I think he was too. And then Tuesday he had another all day play date and was mopey again into Wednesday...too much fun at Rufus'!

Citizen...I think I need more time away frankly. I can NOT wait to go to Texas for a week of family and holiday fun. I'm also looking forward to Thanksgiving...just so I can get some mornings OFF.

Gentleman...I'm feeling better from the altitude stuff. At least I think I'm over feeling crappy from altitude sickness, but now I just feel exhausted.