February 15, 2008

Which Superhero I Should Date...or Be...heh.

According to the Superhero Dating Quiz, Black Canary is my ideal superhero. I took the quiz several times and she was either the top one or tied for the top one at least 3 times...maybe 4 times. Black Canary is actually two different characters (the original and then her daughter). She has an ability called the "Canary Cry," which she sends out an ultrasonic sound from her mouth by screaming. The sound is strong enough to destroy solid objects and incapacitate her opponents. The Black Canary is also a master martial artist, and is considered one of the seven best fighters in the DC Universe. At one time, she was elected to be the new chairwoman and field leader in the new Justice League of America due to her strong strategic mind. Additionally, she was once a member of the Birds of Prey (a female superhero group!). Interesting. My observation is that I must be attracted to strong yet unattainable women as it appears that the Black Canary generally prefers the intimate company of men or male superheros...sigh. Thanks to a reader and the folks at AfterEllen.com (see link to the left) for today's fun time-waster. Let me know which superhero you should date (and there are options to select a male superhero too).


RED MOJO said...

Haa! I was going to post this on my blog in a day or two. I already took the test and my superlady is Psylocke.

TheWeyrd1 said...

Red, Beat ya to it!!! I like a good time waster that can be shared, don't you!?!

yenbar said...

Hey Weyrd-
I took the test twice and both times came up with KITTY PRYDE 65.8%.. so I guess she's the super-lady I've been waiting for!
Nice distraction for us..great job Weyrd!