February 18, 2008

Blogging Boo Boo

So I've discovered that some blog entries can not be corrected here. For a prime example, see my previous post. In it I give credit to a member of AfterEllen.com for the fun time waster and reference links to the left of the blog for those wanting to go to AfterEllen.com. But oops, the links are to the right. So I attempted to edit my post only to find that I can't. It appears that the "html" code that I pasted in the body of the post is somehow interfering with some editing features here. Oh well. Live and learn. Enjoy the day anyway and have fun discovering your superhero lover if you haven't done so yet. Or if you have, try answering the quiz in the opposite way to see which superhero to avoid! And by the way, for those of you who pop by, but never comment. You can leave your own observations anonymously.

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