August 19, 2008

Tuesday's Time Waster - Sitting in Traffic

It takes me about 50 minutes to drive about 27 miles from the doggy spa...I mean my "job" on the south end of the Denver metro area. And that's if the traffic is good (is that an oxymoron?). There are two of us that live on the north or northwest side of town. I'm pretty sure I drive the furthest. The good news is that several of the highest population learning centers that we service are in the north end of town. If my "job" actually hires me on a regular contract AND they hire a second psychologist, I'll get the north half and won't have to sit in traffic as often. I'm beginning to remember all the OTHER reasons I prefer to be an independent contractor. One good reason is being able to avoid commuting at the same time as everyone else. Yikes!


LostInCO said...

When I used to have a long commute I would check out audio books from the library. It really helped in multiple ways.

Syd said...

I adore that you have daycare for your dog.

TheWeyrd1 said...'s a long commute time wise, but short distance wise. Therefore I can not afford to be distracted by books on tape, as I must be vigilant for any and all potential time saving lane changes!

Syd...why thanks! Tucker is just too young to be left for a long time (over 4 hours or so) unsupervised...even if I leave him in the bathroom with Animal Planet on TV.