April 10, 2008

Ellen Page Sighting (or rather false sighting).

I'd like to thank Ms. Dorothy Snarker for putting her time into researching my question on Ellen Page and my hallucination that she was in the current Gardasil commercial. After several emails, google inquiries and viewings of YouTube Gardasil commercials, I finally gave up yesterday. Then this evening, while watching TV with one eye (other eye, along with all my fingers, was writing psychological reports) I saw the commercial again. This resulted in my leaning forward and putting both eyes on the TV. AND...nope, it wasn't Ellen Page after all. Just a lookalike. The young lady in question had the same baby dyke quasi shag hair style that Ellen wears, but in a lighter shade of brown. So ends the mystery. Clearly I was hallucinating. I'll be visiting my own psychologist...as soon as I get one lined up.


yenbar said...

A little obsessed with ELLEN PAGE are we weyrd?. I have found that it does help to use both eyes when checking out the finer details. On to the next mystery.. YETI is it real or not...lol

RED MOJO said...

I'm a little worried about you and this fascination of yours with Ellen Page.
I going to write you a prercription for two women your own at the same time, who will have you so screwed up inside of a week, you won't know if your coming or going.
That'll snap you back into reality!
(all meant to be funny and not offensive)

TheWeyrd1 said...

Awwwww guys, I'm neither obsessed nor particularly fascinated with Ms. Page. I just thought I saw her in a commercial that didn't seem her style. If you want an example of someone obsessed, go to the Dorothy Surrenders blog by Ms. Dorothy Snarker (link in my list). She has an obsession with Ms. Tina Fey that beats my lowly 3 posts. By the way, the tone of her posts is quite adoring of Ms. Fey. Mine on Ms. Page...not so much.