April 13, 2008

Spashley U wrote to me...

Hello, I'm Stokley, one of the admins from SpashleyU and I just wanted to send you a quick thank you for adding a link to our site on your blog. We are getting ready to launch our Trevor Project Donation Drive on April 18th and every link really helps, So thank you so much.

Also, I wasn't familiar with your blog until today and I have to say, it's very entertaining. I loved the last post about the grade level of your blog, good stuff indeed. I have random Ellen Page sightings as well, too bad they turn out to be false too. Again, thanks for your support.

SpashleyU.com, Admin

Isn't that nice of them!?! You know, in today's society, the art of thanking others is dying out. I work in an industry where we need to say thank you a lot. And even I forget to send out the thank you notes sometimes. So, it's nice to get a thank you even when you weren't really doing anything in particular to merit a thanks!
If you've enjoyed the show South of Nowhere or would like to get a donation to the Trevor Project then check out SpashleyU.com. They've been mentioned a few times on AfterEllen.com, so hopefully SpashleyU is as reputable as they appear to be. As I always tell my clients though, when it comes to services that I don't provide directly, do your own research. And that applies when making donations to worthy causes. I'm only responsible for providing the research on my own services.

By the way, did you notice that I'm not the only one to think I've had an Ellen Page sighting? As Ms. Snarker said in her last email to me, "All those baby dykes, they're so hard to tell apart. ;)."


RED MOJO said...

You're right, thanking people, like customer service is a dying art. It's refreshing to see that someone still has the manners and good sense to connect.

Jdancer8 said...

Its amazing how something as simple yet important as "thank you" has begun to disapear. Its nice to see that some people still do care!

TheWeyrd1 said...

Red and J - thank you for stopping by!

Websketch said...

Thank you for that Keen Observation Weyrd. And Thanks for coming by the site to chat. And Thank you for sending your good thoughts to me about my health issues. And Thanks for saying thanks. Grin. Gotta be a smartass sometimes or it wouldn't feel right. Thanks, thanks a lot.

yenbar said...

Did I ever say thank you for giving me grief over my lack of computer savy?...HEY WEYRD!!!!...THANK YOU