April 20, 2008

Sunday Surf - Helen Mirren

My Sunday's generally start out the same way now. I get up, I visit the bathroom, I maybe make my bed right away, I add a layer of warmth to my outfit and go turn on my laptop. I start the coffee, come back to the laptop and cue up the latest Brunch with Bridget (BwB) on AE, and then make breakfast (I'd call it brunch, but usually this all occurs before 10am and doesn't qualify for the brunch title). After making my breakfast (bacon, eggs, toast and coffee) I bring it to the coffee table (really it's a giant corporate end table) and watch BwB while I eat. I usually finish eating way before Bridget and her guest ever get to the pillow fight at the end, but this allows me to drink a second cup of coffee and digest. That's how my Sunday's start.

Next on my list of Sunday activities is to surf the net for a bit to catch up on the news and other fun things. Later, I'll spend the rest of the morning reading the Sunday paper. However, the Sunday paper reading may soon come to an end as I am having ongoing subscription problems. On the other hand, it's spring and I may just go to the corner box every week and buy one. Good excuse to take a walk after breakfast (which also aids in digestion).

Anyway, I've decided to be a tad more organized since procrastinating on my taxes until Tuesday (April 15th). On Sundays, should I discover something fun during my surfing, I will be sharing what I find on my cyber journeys. Today I bring you a link to a nice email interview of Helen Mirren by Liz Smith (out bi journalist) over at one of my new favorite websites: wowOwow. If you love women (whether you're the random straight man who accidentally found my site, or one of my 3 loyal readers...yes, I'm guessing on that number) then you'll love this site. Anyway, I loved learning that Helen Mirren, who lives mostly in the U.S., watches reality TV (at least she's watched some of "Make Me A Supermodel" and knows what Bronnie is) and then reading her answer to what kind of DAME she is. So, if you're a fan of Dame Helen Mirren, check out wowOwow.


Jdancer8 said...

I am a frequent visitor of your blog. I enjoyed reading about Helen. Very humble actress if only all celebrities could be that way....I'll look forward to your sunday observations :o)

RED MOJO said...

Me too, I'm also a loyal reader. Very loyal. If you were to give out..say, a loyalty award, I would be in the running for sure! ;)

Bridget always cheats in the pillow fight by trying to push the guest off the bed when she gets tired!

TheWeyrd1 said...

Well...that's two loyal readers, where's the other one!?! Thanks for stopping by J and Red!

Anonymous said...

I've been away (from all blogs), although I'm relatively new here.

I so rarely get to watch TV - but I did just catch Daily Show and am now watching Colbert. So, I'm embarrassedto say I have no idea about any of the shos you're talking about. How's that for a relevant and helpful comment?

TheWeyrd1 said...

Citizen...it's not that you know the shows,though you can watch both online and see for yourself, it's that you came here, you read here, and you commented here. Thanks for taking the time!

yenbar said...

Okay Weyrd..do I get to be added to the coveted list of loyal readers?!!!....yes?..my Sunday routine which I am sure you are dying to know...reluctanly get out of bed at 8:30am..shower..fix my bed get ready for Mass..leave for Mass at 9:40am...after Mass have church breakfast..pancakes,eggs sausage,orange juice ..all for $4...can't beat it ..get home..change get ready for work..leave for work at 12:30pm ..get home at 9:30pm ..stalk WEB some more..go to bed.all in all a good day.( I'm sure you wanted to know all of this!!)