April 27, 2008

Sunday Surf - Craig's List Ad

As you aware by now, I have some favorite websites...see the list to the right called "Links I Like". I enjoy them as they are primarily women centric (and the rest of my world isn't). But I also enjoy some because they often have links to other websites, which have links to other websites, which have links to other websites...etc. I think my brother did a whole study on this phenomena but I forget what he called it (note to self, finish reading specially bound copy of brother's Ph.D. thesis, or his autographed book on blogging). Anyway, today it didn't take but one link to get to this funny Craig's List Ad. But you know how it is with these sorts of things. If someone buys the item, the ad will be removed. So here's a cut and paste of the contents:

Originally Posted: Mon, 14 Apr 02:09 PDT

For Sale—One (1) Wife, slightly used, 1964 Model

Date: 2008-04-14, 2:09AM PDT

Needs muffler, as it is currently VERY LOUD. Intake valve is stuck in the open position.

Rear end needs major overhaul. A crack there has grown monstrously large.

Needs re-wiring—Many wires are currently crossed.

Lots of little dings in the body, which have been covered up with too much paint in a failed effort at camouflaging them.

Needs re-upholstering—Carpet has turned a dingy gray.

Needs front-end work--Tits are too close to the ground, and knees are too far apart.

May not pass emissions test, as it currently produces foul clouds of malodorous gases on a regular basis,

Heater works great. Hot air is never in short supply...

Asking $500 or trade for 1984 model.

  • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

PostingID: 641609489

UPDATE: I thought the above Craig's List Ad was funny, but then I do have a weyrd perspective. I took it in the same vein as I take women's railing about men...especially in stand up comedy. That said, I thought I would provide the link to the website where I found the link to the above, so you all could participate (or not) the debate about misogynistic humor at Feministing.


citizen of the world said...

I'd lay money that the wife in question could say some equally damning things about the creep of a husband. May he get what he deserves.

TheWeyrd1 said...

Citizen...I am very sure she can! And I hope it's equally if not more so funny.

Jdancer8 said...

I want to see the wifes response....haha

heartinsanfrancisco said...

This is hilarious!

I read it aloud to my husband, who laughed just a little too enthusiastically.

TheWeyrd1 said...

J...me too! Heart...shame on him...lol

Websketch said...

I thought it was cute and creative and probably just meant to make his buddies giggle. And also, so many emails are circulating right now slamming the guys so maybe just a response to those...

RED MOJO said...

She's a little too much of a fixer for me, but thanks.