May 26, 2008

Make My Monday - Memorial Day and Movies

Happy Memorial Day to all...especially our fallen ladies in the various branches of military, etc. (yeah, I'm behind the guys too, but since they have years...decades...centuries more of memorializing I thought an extra special shout out was called for...)! Anyway, I'm glad to live in a free country despite the foibles of some of our leaders. Thanks to all the protect our freedom, especially those forced to fight in stupid wars even if they don't agree with the specific action.

On to movies now. The weather here is cold and rainy, so I talked a friend into going to see "Baby Mama". Yay! I finally got to see it! Most of you know it stars the lovely Tina Fey and the also lovely Amy Poehler. Additionally it has Sigourney Weaver
, Maura Tierney, Steve Martin (with a very funny look for this flick) and Greg Kinnear (playing the same guy he always plays). It was very funny, especially for something that Tina Fey did not write. But I agree with most reviewers that there were a few mild clunkers and it would have been better if she would have written (rewritten?) it. But, easy to overlook. And apparently this is a way better movie than that new Indiana Jones movie. Did I mention that Tina Fey has some nice legs? Even Amy Poehler's character notices!


Jdancer8 said...

I didn't do much on this memorial day either....saving the cook out for tomorrow when the lady is off...however i am getting rather excited for the sex and the city movie...that will be the next movie i see in the theatres but i will DEF be renting Baby Mama cause I love Tina

TheWeyrd1 said...

I think I'll rent Sex in the City. The next one I want to see in the theatre is Mamma Mia!